1. 25/01/2017 "Notice for Purchase of Battery"aa
2. 01/12/2016 e-Tender Notice for Development, implementation, maintenance and support of Electricity Regulatory Management System (ERMS) for WBERC"aa
16/12/2016 Corrigendum to the NIT No. WBERC/2016-17/NIT-01(e)"aa
20/12/2016 Corrigendum against NIT No. WBERC/2016-17/NIT-01(e)"aa
3. 30/11/2016 "Order dated 29/11/2016 with regard to prayer(s) of the utilities for extension of time for submission of the Multiyear Tariff Petitions for the fifth control period". aa
4. 14/12/2016 Order dated 14.12.2016 in regarding to determination of fifth control period"aa
5. 14/12/2016 "Order dated 14.12.2016 in regarding to filing of tariff petition for the fifth control period with reference to order dated 14.12.2016 in case no. SM-15/16-17". aa
6. 10/08/2016 NOTICEaa


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