1. 04/05/2017 "Notice for appointment of Ombudsman " aa
2. 04/05/2017 "Notice for submission extended for inviting objection, comments and suggestions " aa
3. 24/04/2017 "Notice inviting quotation for AMC of APC make UPS" aa
4. 24/04/2017 "Notice inviting quotation for Purchase of Exide Battery" aa
5. 07/04/2017 "Notice for Registration of Vendor for Hiring of Car at WBERC" aa
6. 28/03/2017 "Notice for Appointment as Ombudsman" aa
7. 27/03/2017 "Notice" aa
8. 20/03/2017 "Invitation of application for the Post of Member RERC " aa
9. 27/02/2017 "Notice for Purchase of Battery and AMC for UPS " aa
10. 23/02/2017 "Notice for Previous Publication of Proposed Regulations in terms of section 181(3) of the Electricity Act,2003 - inviting objections/suggestions/comments" aa
a. "Draft West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (State Electricity Grid Code) Regulations,2017" aa
b. "Draft West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (Balancing and Settlement Code) Regulations,2017" aa
c. c. "Draft West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (Open Access) Regulations,2017" aa
11. 25/01/2017 "Notice for Purchase of Battery"aa
12. 01/12/2016 e-Tender Notice for Development, implementation, maintenance and support of Electricity Regulatory Management System (ERMS) for WBERC"aa
16/12/2016 Corrigendum to the NIT No. WBERC/2016-17/NIT-01(e)"aa
20/12/2016 Corrigendum against NIT No. WBERC/2016-17/NIT-01(e)"aa
13. 30/11/2016 "Order dated 29/11/2016 with regard to prayer(s) of the utilities for extension of time for submission of the Multiyear Tariff Petitions for the fifth control period". aa
14. 14/12/2016 Order dated 14.12.2016 in regarding to determination of fifth control period"aa
15. 14/12/2016 "Order dated 14.12.2016 in regarding to filing of tariff petition for the fifth control period with reference to order dated 14.12.2016 in case no. SM-15/16-17". aa
16. 10/08/2016 NOTICEaa


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